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Win Flux Bindings this weekend!!

We have some rad Flux fans… and we love hearing from them.

This is what we got from @ekkkaaa: “It was 2008 when I decided to upgrade the whole snowboarding set, and the first time, when I fell across some information about FLUX’s. Their description was really awesome. Dozens of doubts, and finally I decided to buy them. As the result: I have already changed 2 boards since 2008, and one of them “died” in a really horrible way. The only thing I remember after that crash is that my snowboard was broken into pieces, but my FLUXes were absolutely safe and sound. As for DURABILITY – in my opinion, FLUX is the best bindings the world. They are still new – no cracks, no breaks, NOTHING. Also, they are very COMFORTABLE. They are soft. FLUXes and snowboard complete each other totally. I can’t imagine anything else on my board instead of my old and beloved FLUXes. P.S. They are already five years old and they will serve me till they are 10 , I suppose!”

Thanks for the good words!

This Saturday, head over to Surfside in Costa Mesa for the annual ‘Snow Carnival!’  We will be giving out bindings, and they will be having a huge sale! Come check it out!

Here are some photos of the shop that we took last week when we visited Surfside’s,  Duke and Joe.

Then, we are headed to SAN DIEGO for Winter Session….We’re giving out some bindings, and Waka Flocka Flame is going to be there! You should go…..

Congratulations goes out to :  CODY DUNN

He won himself these orange RK30s for Halloween!

Congratulations goes out to : @rockinthemiddle

He sent this photo for #thefluxlife contest and won himself a limited edition Flux snowboard!
You can win this month… here is how:

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Happy Movember! Hope all of your mustaches are coming in as nice as Zac Marben’s.

Zac judged the Downtown Throwdown in San Francisco this past weekend and Flux’s Colorado slopestyle killa  Eric Willett even came out for the event!

 Flux rider Chris Brewster  was out having fun on the Downtown Throwdown setup and threw some stylish grabs to take home the Crab Grab Style Award!

YoBeat did an awesome job reporting the event, and so did Transworld Snowboaring.  Click their links to see more footage from the DTTD.

Chris Brewster did a video guestbook with Snowboarder Magazine where he shares a little about riding ‘Trife’ and getting suplexed by the Grand Marquise . CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT.

Do you want to win Flux Bindings?

This Saturday is the Surfside Snow Carnival where you can win Flux Bindings along with other rad prizes from our snow friends.  Go out to Surfside in Costa Mesa to check it out!

After, there is a party at Lucky Strike where you have another chance to win bindings and show off your bowling skills.  See you there!

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Happy Friday Flux fans!!

If you haven’t heard we are giving away a super limited, exclusive and excellent pair of orange DS30s.  These are the only pair in the United States!  Go on our facebook page and read how to be entered in the contest! It’s so easy to be Fluxing fly.

Arbor is premiering the films Ransack Rebellion, Happy Days, and Van Delirium.  Flux/Arbor riders Scott Vine, Erik Leon, and Ian Sams will all be featured in the the films and out for the party in Venice Beach tonight 10/14, and Santa Barbara tomorrow 10/15.

Go out and party with the team.  Free brews and boarding by the beach—couldn’t get much better. You can also win some Flux Bindings at either the Venice or Santa Barbara premier!

Ian Sams, Scotty Vine, Chris Brewster, Jaeger Bailey, Ryan Tarbell, Chad Tarbell, and Cody Boan welcomed in the season at the annual Hot Dawgs and Handrails.

All of the Flux riders were tearing it up and Ian Sams even went home with $25000 for winning the SME video contest! All and all it was an epic day. Check out the video wrap up!

Caked! Get wit it. Flux did……

We love our Fluxing Fly Females!!

This past week there was enough snow to get a little bit of snowboarding in and these girls went out and got some!!

Raelynd Tarnove got some early season shredding in her new pink GU15s in at Mount Rose.

Mitch Brown has been been recovering from surgery and had some time to update his site.

Check it out here:

Geoff Brown also updated his site.  The teaser for Nuulife and other videos and photos of Geoff are all laid out for your viewing pleasure.

Check it out here:

He sure does love his head. Check him out in this Sandbox video :

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Win Flux Japan Limited Bindings! Only one pair in US!

These orange DS30’s are the only pair like it in the United States. We want to give these away to a Flux fan who is shredding the love about Flux Bindings.

Share on facebook, by clicking share at the bottom of the post on our page.

THEN WRITE A COMMENT WITH YOUR BOOT SIZE, and you will be entered for a chance to win these bindings.

The winner will light the hill brighter than a Jack O’Lantern on Halloween.

Winner will be announced on October 31st.

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Hot Dawgs and Handrails 2011

Hot Dawgs and handrails was—-as always—- a really good time.

Congratulations goes out to Ian Sams for winning $25,000 in the SME video contest–announced at Hot Dawgs! With that much money in the bank he will be livin in style this season!  Watch the winning footage here! 

A lot of our Flux riders were out shredding the insane September set up and a lot more of our Flux team was in attendance cheering them on.  Check out the re-cap on Transworld Snowboarding to see photos and read more about the event.

Chris Brewster took a shot  in Yobeat’s recap of a gap to front lip on the down rail, and is also in this short video recap.

More photos and videos of our Flux team at Hot Dawgs coming soon!



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Eric Willett wins Ante Up!

Flux rider Eric Willett pays it forward at the 2011 Billabong Ante Up on July 1st in Whistler, Canada.
Eric destroyed the 85 foot big air gap jump in his FLUX SF45’s and won first in the preliminaries and then by throwing a switch backside double corked 1260, secured first in the finals.
For his final victory lap, Willett threw a laid out back flip—what a boss.
The summer snowboard contest marks the first stop on the TTR 2011-2012 world snowboard tour, which puts Eric first in the TTR mens world snowboard rankings!
Epic job Eric! Way to start off the tour– and with tricks like you threw to secure that 96.67 annihilating the competition, we’re sure we will be seeing you on the top for awhile!
For news and information about the TTR world tour,check out their website at
Check out Eric’s switch backside double corked 1260 that secured him the win at Billabong’s Ante up—and see the course through Eric’s eyes in this video! Enjoy!

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Flux sponsors Australian rail comp

Although in most places the snow is gone for the season, the Australian snow scene is just getting started after some early snowfall. Flux sponsors the 2nd Annual ESS Billy Rail Jam in memory of Billy Reynolds in Australia this past weekend.
Brother of Flux rider Ryan Tiene, Dane Tiene took second place! I guess the skill runs in the family.
Daniel Crean took first, Dane Tiene took second, and Etienne Gilbert drew for third with last years winner .
For more information on the event, CLICK HERE!

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Mt Bachelor, Oregon held some of the best snowboarders for Superpark! The beautiful springtime conditions made for some epic photos and sweeet videos. You can check them all out on snowboardermag’s website by clicking here!
Here are some photos of Flux riders tearing up the park….
KYLE LOPICCOLO gets high…..

Scotty Vine is the king of one footie-ness…He is better on one foot than most people are with two….

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Who wants to get teabagged?

Flux bindings was at Toyotafest at the Queen Mary in Long Beach this past weekend. We displayed our bindings alongside some classy cars and passed out Flux stickers, hats, shirts and headphones to car show go-ers who could successfully teabag themselves!
Teabag?? What the Flux?!
Participants put on a Flux hat and had to get both bags on the brim. The day was filled with incredible inuendos and amazing automobiles. The Flux day care was also up and running—giving kiddos the opportunity to put their art skills to work and color bindings.
Check out the photos!

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West Coast invitationals

A lot of our FLUX riders are in Mammoth for the West Coast Invitational (WCI) this weekend.
Whether they are competing…or just enjoying the springtime snow scene.. we wish them all the best!
On Friday, May 6, riders battle it out on a course full of crazy wall ride features at the Eddie Wall Ride. On Saturday, May 7 The Village will be having an evening Rail Jam where they will compete for lots of cash as they’ll take on a three-story high jib set-up.

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