In addition to his boarding activities during the snow season, outside of this he coordinates events and directs snow parks production. Alongside his missionary work and creating things, Naohiro also directs his efforts into designing graphics for Northern Graphics Sapporo.


“MOMENT=ETERNITY” A moment only lasts an instant, but continues on forever somewhere in your heart and mind. Spend what seems like an eternity for that moment. Everything is for that moment; it will live on forever.


Tsutomu Endo began his career as a photographer in the 1990s, with the concept of “Inner Focus.” He continues his journeys in pursuit of artistic expression through nature and culture, and harmony with the splendor and life of this dynamic planet.

“Star Light Chill”

Drawing his own line with one board; connect with the Earth with one board. Liberty of spirit. My universe. Before a physical and natural dialog, understand the connection between mountain and mind. The work is Endo’s outlook on nature in snowboarding.


Not only workers who create brilliant things in their field, but this name has spread to the cutting edge of the streets: skaters and surfers. A real work brand that creates a distinction between itself and other fashion brands.


100% GENUINE WORK GARMENT. Becoming more familiar the more you wear it, unadorned, simple, tough, and imbued with BLUCO taste.