I ride the VR-SPEED Boots and XF Bindings. The boot is quick, comfy, and supportive and it functions great with the XF Bindings. I love this binding because of its quick adjustability, strength, and lightweight design. And it’s always exciting getting to design my own color way, the 2020 version is all time!

XF Bindings and VR-SPEED together

The XF paired with the VR-SPEED is the seemless, responsive, pressure point free, and comfortable relationship I’ve been looking for in a boot-binding combo. This is my go to set up. They compliment each other like wasabi and ginger, peanut butter and chocolate, Seth Rogan and James Franco.

XF Bindings

This has been my favourite binding in the line for a long time. Aggressive and supportive when you need it most, yet flexible enough to really let you tweak your grabs, and show your own personal style. From park to backcountry to Heli trips, this binding goes.


The do it all boot for me. Stiff in the right spots and flexible where you want it. This boot is comfy AF and ready to go right out of the box.


Snowboarding doesn’t owe you anything, you owe everything to snowboarding. With proper steps we can influence and control how our snowboarding industry is shaping. My first steps as an athlete are to bring a sustainable step into production in signature collections. This FLUX Bindings reduce our footprints by limiting our dye efforts. More more details about CORE. Please follow @core_snowboarding.