The XF bindings and VR speed boots function and fit really well together. I love the lightweight and simple design of the bindings. They are super comfortable and provide rapid response in your movements to your board. I feel like the high backs have the perfect flex for a wide variety of conditions, and the straps secure your foot evenly with no pressure points. I love the new binding graphic because it represents exploration and the journey to what I seek on opposite sides of the spectrum… The mountains and the dessert.
I’m really impressed with the boots in that they are fairly new to Flux and they perform really well right out of the box. I rode the same boots for a year and a half, putting them through extreme abuse, with no issues. Comfy, durable, slim fitting, convenient with the perfect amount of support. All the attributes I like in a boot! Together this combo is fire! I love the graphics on my new boots and bindings. The boots are nice and clean with a few yellow accents that also match the bindings.


The XF binding and VR speed boot combo are a match made in heaven. The XF is both solid and aggressive, allowing you to stomp out those rough landings, yet the high back and base plates are forgiving enough in the right spots to tweak it better than Rihanna twerks it.
The VR speed boot is probably one of the comfiest boots you’ll put on, and the speed laces provide the perfect tightness for each situation. Who’s got time for laces? The flex pattern in these bad boys is exactly what I need for support in the backcountry and mid-range flex in the park.


The DSW binding with the little wing hook high back is super responsive for turning, and the wing helps you really lean into presses and feel the flex of the board. The TX boot is the best snowboard boot I’ve ever had. It has a really thin sole, making you feel like you’re standing closer to your board. It makes it feel more like a skate shoe… I really love it!


The new XF bindings connect you to your board in a way I’ve never felt before. I can carve soulfully and tweak my grabs like no other pair of bindings ever. The over the toe cap fits so snug that I never have to worry about it slipping off. My new graphics are plain and simple… “Don’t bother me, I am snowboarding.” The idea is that we can be in our own world when we are on our snowboards and nobody should bother us while we do our thing. Also, the graphic is spray painted because I decided to only use what I had at the time. That, and the fact I like blue!


XV Bindings are lightweight, strong, versatile, and comfy. I love these binding for all these reasons. The stiffness to weight ratio is the best in the game. If you are a guy built like me and want a binding with a bit of stiffness, these are perfect. They don’t have any weak points in the structure of the binding. You feel like you’re grounded to the board. OM-Boa boots that fit tight enough on my foot that don’t give me heel lift but don’t make my foot go to sleep. These boots do just that. They are stiff in the right places while having just a bit of give in the tongue – those big, deep frontside turns feel like a dream. They are lightweight and strong, something I look for in every boot I wear. The OM-Boa Boots and XV Bindings make a dynamic duo that is just not comparable to any other pair of boot and binding by any other brand.


XF A.H. gives you a great response regardless of your location. I really like this model’s asymmetric logo and graphic on the footbed. The Boa system used by Flux has become even better. As the cuff moves back and forth easily, the board feels very easy to control.


As the DS contact area with the board is small, and both board torsion and flexibility can be fully utilized, performance is excellent. The gears are lightweight and don’t feel heavy at all; the bindings let you ride with an even greater level of freedom. Great attention has been given to the sole thickness and design in order to maximize the sensation you feel through the soles of your feet. The TX has evolved into a smart boot with superior performance, with none of the wasted thickness or weight characteristic of snowboard boots.


I use XF bindings. The firm and sturdy high back gives a high level or response from the board, and responds to any instantaneous decisions. I love that even when you are carving down the slope, you can use full edging on your board. While these boots keep your feet held firmly in place, you can move your legs around without feeling tension. The superb sensation from the soles support even the most severe riding.


With the XF bindings, the footbed can be finely adjusted back and forth, letting you pick a position that matches your boots. The sensation through your soles increases, the level of response improves, and the force is transmitted directly to the board. The aluminum insulation in the soles keep your feet warm even on cold days. The low resilience inner sponge doesn’t hurt your toes, and keeps your feet firmly fitted in place. Freedom of speed control with TX suits the bindings perfectly.