The spine running through the forward lean adjuster allows for maximum heelside support while the center slit provides lateral flexability. The highback is also wider at the top to increase contact area and provide improved power transfer.
Resistor Highback [NEW]
While keeping stability on turns, power transfer and response, the Resistor Gap provides riders with flexability for presses and tweaking grabs.
The full winged highback allows rider to lean hard into those presses and turns and tweak it out.
Ultima Wing
More outside support for leaning into the board nose or tail.
Narrow in the middle for more flex and wider at the top for support.
The all-around lightweight option with even flex and support.
F-Tech Asym
A soft outer flex and firmer inside flex for added response.
Women’s Ultima Wing
More outside support for leaning into the board nose or tail and shorter to prevent calf bite.
Women’s Ultima
Lightweight design to give the perfect soft flex in a shorter, smaller design.


Super Tough Nylon X
A blend of carbon and nylon that is lightweight, stiff, and built specifically for aggressive riding.
Super Tough Nylon Plus
A glass fiber mix that handles great at high speeds and on big jumps.
Super Tough Nylon
A fiber mix with a medium flex that is perfect for all mountain riding.
A very soft and playful material designed for slashes in powder.


Forward Lean Adjuster
Highback Adjuster that offers precision adjustments when used in unison with our Micro Adjuster.
Micro Adjuster
2.5 degree adjustment increments for the forward lean adjustments.



Lightweight and focused on direct power transfer.
Ultima Base
Lightweight and focused on response.
Alpha Base
Lightweight and focused on softness.
Genetic Base
Rigid design for all conditions.
Simple Base
The basic instinct.
Vogue Base
Symetrical design with natural flex just for the ladies.


Super Carbon Blend
A carbon and nylon mix for max weight reduction, responsiveness and shock sbsorption.
Performance Blend
A nylon and fiberglass mix for all-around performance.
Super Blend
A nylon and fiberglass mix for response and shock absorption.


Designed with a special material to prevent snow buildup and to provide more direct board feel with all the cushion you need.
Cork Bed
Natural cork is softer for more cushioning with a urethane coating that enhances durability and prevents snow build up.
Hybrid Footbed
Dual density foot-bed that is harder on the outside for more response.
Comfort Footbed
Single density soft foot-bed for more natural board feel.


Custom Stabilizers
Urethane pieces designed to provide more response by eliminating heel roll.
Adjustable Toe & Heel Cushion
Change to fit foot size to avoid the loss of leverage.
Titanium Screws
50% lighter and much stronger.
Toolless Lever
Make adjustments on the fly with no tools.
Multi Disc
Finally one disc fits all! A lot of research and development went into this very durable disc that fits two, three and four hole patterns and it provides proper toe and heel lift.



Waffle Strap
The new waffle strap is built to achieve next level response with two layer construction focused on direct power transfer and a seamless fit.
Honeycomb Strap Ver.2.0
After reviewing the 3D shape, bend and flexability, of the Honeycomb strap, we designed a new Version with a more comfortable fit, lightweight design that is good for shock mitigation while wrapping the ankle and alleviating pressure points.
F-Tech 3D Fit Strap
A three dimensional shape that eliminates pressure points.


FTM Ver.5.0
A new toe strap designed specifically for the Transfer Base: The middle of the strap uses a more rigid material while the top and bottom of the strap uses a more flexible material providing amazing power transfer and boot fit.
F.T.M. Versa
Softer material and a better holding top or toe strap option. Designed to fit any boot on the market. (Patent: US6, 974, 149 – US7, 278, 651 – US7, 374, 194)
For a smoth in and out.Holds ratchet ladders down.

Ratchet Buckle

Beer Buckles
Newly engineered buckles give you more leverage when cranking down on the straps allowing you to get to the last click with minimal effort. Features a bottle opener in case of any emergencies.
Micro Ratchet Buckles
30% Smaller for reduced dead spots and improved strap wrap.
Alpha Ratchet Buckles
Lightweight with increased lever angles for frozen finger friendliness.


UU Fit
A 360 degree wrap evens out pressure for natural feel and hold. (Pantent: US6,604,746)


The Boa System technology offers effortless lacing and micro-adjustability with the turn of a knob.
Double Boa
Front and side fine tuning boa dials each control a different section of the boot for a more personalized fit.
H3 CoilerReel
The H3 Coiler Reel is a cartridge system that recoils when released. Used on the tongue of the boot it controls the upper lacing – push to engage, turn to tighten, pull to release. All boa products are backed by a lifetime guarantee.
M3v2 Reel
The M3v2 Coiler Reel is a mid power low profile reel used on the side of the boot to control the lower lacing. All boa products are backed by a lifetime guarantee.
HP42ss2 Lace
Flexible, lightweight and strong Boa lace.
Smooth Construction
Original Flux Boa guide layout eliminates unnatural stiffness and creates a seamless fit with any binding strap.
Quick Release Guide
Quickly releases BOA laces without completely untying.
Power Hook(Power Zone Guide)
Lower boot hook that offers an extra lace cross over for better foot wrap and a more secure fit.
Conventional Lace
Conventional Laces offer the ability to create a unique fit and feel that suits your personal preference.
Speed Lace
The Speed-Lace System makes tightening your boot simple. Pulling on the two speed lace handles on the side of the boot quickely and securely tightens the boot. Now even stronger and more durable with the new Technica Fiber Rope.
Metal hook
Steel lace hooks are durable and lightweight.
Power Loop
Lower boot hook that offers an extra lace cross over for better foot wrap and a more secure fit.
Speed Lace Guide
An internal channel for the speed lace that allows for smoother and faster tightening.
Speed Lace Handle [NEW]
The durable handle is comfortable and easy to grip making for effortless lacing.
Speed Lace Handle Pocket
A pocket for the lace handle to keep it secure while riding.
Speed Lace Lock [NEW]
This Flux original hook keeps your laces fastened securely in various aggressive conditions.
Technica Fiber Rope [NEW]
An extrememly durable high-tech fiber robe used in all Speed-Lace models and most liners that is durable and makes lacing super quick and easy.


U-Shape Design
Lower boot shape designed for easier tightening and a more secure foot wrap.
Hot Melt Adhesive
TPU adhesive undergoes a heat treated application process which creates an extremely strong bond between materials and improves waterproofing while decreasing weight.
Embossed Panel
Designed to fill any gap between your boot and binding strap for more even pressure and additional comfort.
CuffCut Design
Upper and lower independent boot flex for increased flexibility.
Single Shell Design
This single shell design offers a natural flex pattern and seamless fit with any ankle strap.
Universal Toe
Compatible with all binding straps and fits any toe shape.
Flexible Calf
Soft and flexible material at the top of the boot for comfort.
Wide 3D Tongue
Provides a full wrap around the front of your leg for more even pressure.
Internal Support
Stiffer material on the back of the boot for additional support.
Calf Panel
Strong and grippy material on outer calf side of the boot for more response.
Aluminum Foil Insulation
Set inside the boot, it reflects the heat trying to escape the boot keeping you feet warm.
Flex Cut
Neoprene material around the ankle to prevent snow build-up and allow for a more natural flex.
Relax Fit
Original mold designed with a relaxed fit giving your feet just enough freedom to be comfortable.
Waterproof Coating
A film on the inside of the outter boot that keeps your feet dry.
Oil Wax Suede
Material naturally forms to your foot shape after repeated use and wax coat provides additional waterproofing.


Vibram S565
Italian made “Vibram” outsole in a Flux specific design that is lightweight and focuses on balance and traction.
Stud2 Sole
This lightweight skate inspired EVA sole is flat and features grippy New Design studs under the toe and heel for support.
Freesstyle Rubber Sole [NEW]
Designed with street and park style riders, the high grip rubber and the lightwieght material creates the perfect balance.


F1 Liner
Uses a new cuff closure system and memory foam providing riders with a perfect fit – featured in performance models.
F2 Liner
Uses a new cuff closure system, high tech fiber rope and memory foam providing riders with a perfect fit and tight closure.
F3 Liner
Uses a new cuff closure system and memory foam providing riders with the perfect fit. The asymmetrical design keeps your foot locked in places, even if the liner shifts inside the boot.
Memory Foam
Allows the boot to mold to any foot shape or size.
Ez Fit Cuff [NEW]
This new design eliminates the gap between your calf and the boot creating a better and easier fit.
Lace Stopper [NEW]
The compact design allows for easy, secure lacing.
Ankle Support Pad
A Flux original design, the Ankle Support Pad keeps your heel securely in place.
Molded Liner
Our liners are designed and molded to fit the inside of the outter boot eliminating gaps.
Neo-Toe Panel
The neoprene in the toe portion of the boot works well with various toe shapes and sizes allowing for the boot to conform better to almost anyone.
Fur Cuff
The furr cuff provides a comfortable warm fit for any rider.
Asym Cut
The outside (pinky side) and inside (big toe side) have unique stitching patterns that allow for a more natural heel to toe flex.
Hidden Harness [NEW]
Built into the outer boot providing a better connection between the liner boot and the outer boot.
BMZ Insole
This patented technology improves balance, allows for ergonomically correct lateral foot movement and keeps your feet warm.
Soft Insole
Custom Flux insole designed for comfort and support.